Considering transferring to another school? Looking to start college in the near future? If you answered yes to either of these questions than I hope you are considering more than just what majors these schools have to offer. Alumni, faculty, parents, and college students know the social aspect of the school is just as important as the education to be received. Before you would have to go off of words the students or alumni would tell you about the parties and dun the school has to offer but now, you can view the rage right on your timeline on any social media platform by following DoIt4State. DoIt4State is a one stop shop on all social media platforms to see what higher education has to offer to their social life. They strive to bring entertaining content to everyone’s feed by receiving videos of all types from tens of thousands of college students from colleges all over the map.


Since the explosion of social media, people have been given new outlets to express themselves as well as follow accounts to build a timeline that suits the types of things, people, and lifestyles they wish to fruition. One of the most popular life style accounts today, perfect for any blend of timeline content is DoIt4State, and for good reason. As college becomes more accessible to young people around the world, this has a correlated a drive for people not only in University but planning to attend to search not only what these schools have to offer within academia, but what the campus lifestyle is like at some of the biggest colleges in the United States and around d the world. At the headquarters, DoIt4State understands that partying and the social aspect of a school is just as important as the degree students work for. With an exploding social media ecosystem, and a drive to create a movement using entertaining user submitted college party content, the account was born. A reputation that proceeded what they promised to deliver, the account grew like rapid fire.


Each day is a consistent grind for the team behind the movement. A typical workday starts early in the morning to check all inboxes on all platforms, private and direct messages, and other submissions to prepare for the day. After meetings and executive decision making, the videos are uploaded and shared on all platforms. Following that the team looks to network and research to not only learn and grow as an entity, but to pursue all missions of the organization. WorldStar being a company, they look to model theirs after, inspired them and that the success of hard work and an eye for entertaining content and growing something colossal from nothing can be fulfilling. The long hours of work being put in to creating the movement and growing it causes sacrifices such as a social life, family time, and sleep. . Make sure you follow DoIt4State on all social media platforms today to fill your timeline with the content you have been looking for.



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