If you’ve ever dreamt of being your own boss (and who hasn’t?), you’ve probably thought about getting into the world of ecommerce. However, starting your own online business certainly isn’t very easy. There are so many different things you need to know – for example, choosing the right shopping platform, setting up your first store, knowing who your target market is, where to advertise, and how to get them to buy from you instead of Amazon or another competitor.
And let’s not forget the most crucial part: finding the right products that are really going to connect with a lot of customers, generate good profits, and make the whole endeavor worth your time and effort.
So who is Justin Woll, and what is his new course BeyondSixFigures E-Commerce Profit University? In this online program, he answers all of those questions and so much more, carefully going through every step of the process of creating an ecommerce empire that, as the title implies, will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for years to come.
In my BeyondSixFigures review, I’ll give you an overview of the entire thing so you’ll understand exactly what you are getting and why it’s so great.
Who is Justin Woll?
First, you may be asking yourself, who is Justin Woll and why should I be taking his online ecommerce course? Justin Woll is a self-made entrepreneur who was born in Wayne, New Jersey and went on to study at Rutgers University. What is most impressive about Justin is that one of his very first ecommerce product offering skyrocketed to over $250,000 in sales in less than a year. This stunning achievement landed him on Entrepreneur.com’s list of top entrepreneurs to look out for in 2018.
What Justin has done is taken all this knowledge and packaged it for others so they too can follow in his footsteps. He now has over 20k members in his private Facebook mentoring group and @BeyondSixFigures has 440k followers on Instagram. In fact, Justin Woll coaching is the largest one-on-one ecommerce mentoring agency in the business with his students generating over $20 million in sales. Pretty impressive!
Justin Woll Review: BeyondSixFigures Course Structure
Once you join Beyond Six Figures and sign in, you are taken to a very clean, straightforward dashboard, which lays out the entire course. There are over 14 main sections, which include topics such as Store Creation, Turbocharging Your Store, Product Research, Facebook Basics, Facebook Intermediate, Facebook Advanced, and Email Marketing.
Inside each section are at least 4 or 5 videos (many have more), where Justin goes through the topic in a great amount of detail; you’ll need to take notes with pen and paper or in a word processing application like Google docs.
My favorite section was Product Research, which really breaks down the process in an easy-to- understand methodology that could be applied to anything you want to sell. He shows you every single tool you need to do this, all of which are available online and completely free.
In one of the videos within this section he specifically lists 7 criteria that make a successful product, suggesting that your product have at least 2 of these, if not more. This will really get you thinking analytically and understanding what really sells before you’ve wasted a lot of your time and money.
Additionally, there are two really excellent “bonus” videos that show you how to make $5k a day on Facebook as well as the complete case study where he reveals the product that made him his first 6 figures. He shows you the keywords, what he spent on ads, and even encourages you to sell this product yourself!
Why I Love the Justin Woll Course
Justin Woll not only has the knowledge, but he also has the enthusiasm that helps you to get motivated and follow through. Justin speaks clearly and succinctly, getting right to the point of each video without a lot of rigmarole – the title of the video is the topic that is covered.
BeyondSixFigures is structured well, each video logically flowing into the next. There’s a lot to take in, but the way Justin presents it makes the difficult stuff (like manual bidding and algorithmic Facebook targeting, for example) easy to follow. If you are already experienced with ecommerce, you can skip sections that you don’t need.
I also felt that the BeyondSixFigures course was indeed complete, covering every single thing you need to know to start your own ecommerce brand and begin to make money. If you do want more personalized help, you can take advantage of Justin Woll coaching services, a 90-day exclusive group membership program which is designed to virtually assure your success.
BeyondSixFigures Review Conclusion – Highly Recommended
If you are serious about making sick amounts of money like Justin Woll, I highly recommend purchasing Beyond Six Figures E-Commerce Profit University. I know because I’ve tried other so-called “gurus” and found their courses to be confusing, dull, or just plain not worth it.
Then, I stumbled upon Justin’s course and, voila! Everything I needed to know was there. Thanks to Justin Woll BeyondSixFigures, I am now pursuing my dream full-time, building my brand and looking to build multiple stores.
And don’t just take my word for it, watch video testimonials from some of his students and see screenshots of their actual sales. These folks are now making serious dollars, all thanks to Justin Woll.

BeyondSixFigures is not a “get rich quick” scheme – you will have to watch all the videos, follow his advice, and do the footwork/homework to make it happen. But the great news is, it’s totally possible and doable even for somebody who has never been in ecommerce before.


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