In the age of Bieber, Kardashian, Jenner and Gomez, social media is pretty heavily about who is new, skinny, girly and glam filled. One exception to this all is Dwayne Johnson though where the mega star is packing in 100m+ followers on Instagram with awesome engagement. Seeing this, I wondered if I knew anyone he followed. I didn’t directly, but in the age of communication and connections noticed one account which I had friends know people at and that was @SocialRevelation run by its creator @RyanWhite. I spoke to him for about an hour and learned a lot from him, but also got the basic story on how he went from Georgia coaching baseball to a larger social media business.


Ryan started out as I said coaching baseball in Georgia which proved to be maybe the only state bigger into the sport than New York. He coached people in various ages, but five years back when he was 22 decided to get into the app known as Instagram. He would grow accounts from 50-100,000 followers and do collab deals to make money. It worked… This is when the posting and ad game was still pretty new. It was a process of growing an account for a certain category, finding the right client pool and just moving on it. Problem? Ryan didn’t love it. The time it took to grow accounts was a little heavy and doing deal after deal was tough. Biggest problem? It wasn’t even that rewarding.


Ryan when moving out of that space realized he liked the process and formula of growing accounts more over actually managing them and owning them. That’s where Social Revelation was born. It took several techniques on how to build accounts working with people, applied them into groups and boom, people were growing 10,000 followers a month if not more. Best part? He didn’t even start it as a business. It literally came as a service he was doing with people for free and almost by accident became 400+ clients, mega names on board and millions of followers gained for accounts in network. Best part? His company doesn’t need me to pitch it, but just going to @SocialRevelation on Instagram gives tons of testimonials from users who are happy and can pitch it themselves.


Doing that, we get to the big question. Why the hell is the rock following this thing? So after talking to Ryan and hearing the entire story, I wanted to know that. And the answer?


“I can’t exactly say why, but I’ll say this. I don’t think he’s following any other agencies.”


So… Not exactly the most exciting answer we could have hoped for, but still a really cool story in how this developed. This guy turned not a ton of professional training in a highly competitive space, got 400 clients, got a ton of happy reviews, got a six figure business, got investors offering him literal millions to partner in and became capable of messaging the rock. That is in short, Instagram epic.


I’m @CharlesPeralo from and checkout @RyanWhite to see first hand where he’s going and checkout @SocialRevelation to see how to take an Instagram account from no growth to a ton of it.



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